Back in the saddle


Sunday = waffles!! Happy Father’s Day!!

We had waffles with raspberries and greek yogurt. Best thing about being home. I love fresh home-made waffles! And we all gave Dad our cards and presents but he didn’t open them… Time for church.

I rode my old mountain bike to church since I haven’t had a chance to fix my other one yet. I’ll be taking two or three to my cousin-in-law’s bike shop on Tuesday. It was great to ride again, but mountain bikes are a whole different breed. I forgot what it was like, with only riding my street bike up at Davis. I watched the youth make Father’s Day cards. I got a little bored in the service…Sorry : /

Home for lasagna lunch! (I am sad we didn’t go to Santa Barbara for cousin’s graduation) Then we started on Pecan Sticky Buns for the father.

The most fiddly recipe. Make one thing, chill for two h0urs, let rise in a warm place two hours. No wait you should have done it the other way, kneading the dough in between. Oi. During all these two hours that kept happening over and over again, I cleaned my room. Well I cleaned a little bit of it : /While wearing a tiara, a rainbow tie-dyed head scarf, and a sparkly shawl… I found lots of things from the past, old love letters, doodles, stuffed animals, old cameras…

Some things were great to find. Others, not so much. But the delicious sticky buns made everything worth it : ) We watched Prince of Persia and Myth Busters. Time to unearth my bed for sleep…


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