Quick breakfast of toast, jam, oj, and a hard boiled egg brought from the dorms. We hit the road around 10:30AM. Bye cute corgi!

Lunch at Pea Soup Anderson’s in Santa Nella. California chicken sandwich. Tasty but that place makes me feel greeezzzy.

Back on the road. Soooooooo much traffic. I read the whole June Sunset, Cook’s Country, took a short nap, and started to go a little crazy. I don’t really want to get home, but I don’t want  to be in traffic. I could have run away through the beautiful green orchards…

We didn’t get to this home til maybe 7PM, maybe later, I never checked the time. We unpacked the truck so the cardboard boxes wouldn’t get wet. It is in the 60’s here. (Davis is still in the upper 70’s/low 80’s. I know, I checked.) We decided on Mac’n’Cheese, yellow squash/zucchini, and ‘Princess salad’ (sliced cucumbers with seasoned rice vinegar) for dinner. And who should happen to walk in the door halfway through making dinner? The twin and her husband (! still kinda weird to say) They stayed for dinner. It was fun. We will do some crazy baking this summer.

Tomorrow the crazy job hunt continues. Good luck to me! : / I still have to make/clean my bed. Or not…I can always shower in the morning…


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