Move Out!


Last time I will ever wake up from this bed.

Last time I will climb down these stairs.

Last time I will eat breakfast in the DC with these friends.

Second time (of many to come) I will be packing up to move. I spent the whole morning packing. Mom/Dad/Bro arrived and continued with the packing and loading. This continued until lunch. We went out to Gunrock Pub because I still hadn’t used my gift card. It was SO TASTY! I got a steak and roasted plum salad. Best salad of my life. But they never brought us bread, UCD oil, and balsamic. Lame. I finally asked them about it and the server felt bad for forgetting and then said they were out of bread. Fail. So I asked if we could have some oil and vinegar to take with us then? Yes, we got little cups of them. Awesome. Teeny macarons for dessert. Back to packing.

Finished packing, cleaning, and saying good bye to everyone, taking pictures, trying not to tear up. Leaving friends sucks majorly. Like really super a lot. We were back in Loomis around 5PM. Amazing dinner of on the bbq chicken, asparagus, and peppers, watermelon, pineapple, and tasty salad with avocado and tomato. Everything we ever eat at that house is so delicious! We had store-bought banana split ice cream cake (kinda weird, tasted like banana Laffy Taffy) for dessert and went into town for their little vintage car/farmer’s market-esque thing. Kinda cool. Beautiful cars. Then we drove up the only ‘mountain’ in the area for a spectacular view of the town and nearby area in the fading sunset. On the way down I found a pine tree full of peacocks…weird.

Shower, Bunheads (interesting show), and sleep. Tomorrow I will be far from my lovely NorCal.

P.S. I packed my camera cord and have no idea where it is, so I will add pictures for each day after I find it.


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