Undie Run!


My last two finals of my first year at Davis are today!

I had a little breakfast while studying for PLS 102. I studied that until lunch, which was boring. Then PLS 171 until its final. That final went really well. I only didn’t know one question and finished in like twenty minutes. Awesome.

My parents and little bro came by to drop off boxes so I could pack tonight after my other final. It was good to see them for a bit. They visited the Farmer’s Market before heading on to Loomis to stay and visit with some friends.

I studied like crazy for PLS 102 until dinner then ran to class to take my LAST FINAL of the year! It went horribly. I almost cried. I hope I pass that class. I hate it. I rode away blasting rock music and saying to myself, man I need a drink. (No, I am not an alcoholic.)

When I got back home, I threw myself into packing. For an hour or so. I was invited to go out drinking with some of the 302 boys but wasn’t really feeling up to that and I felt like I should spent my last night here with my closer friends. Even though they wrapped one couch in plastic wrap and put the other in my room…

Our group strolled down to AMPM for drinks before deciding to participate in the Undie Run. The UCD students did it for charity, donating all the clothes we wore there. We met up with a ton of people before disrobing and running about 2 miles through campus, the library, and two 24 hour study lounges. So. Much. Fun. (I am so out of shape :/)

We walked home, in our underwear (some of us put on board shorts or shirts for the walk back), to continue the last night of drinking together and put on real clothes. It was pretty funny, after we got dressed again, we all kept plucking at our clothes and wanting to take them off again. It was a warm night and it would have been like hanging out in swimsuits… We just chilled, listened to music, drinking, started the OC, and then followed some of our group who still had finals to where they were studying. In that suite we found a KITTEN!!, chill people, and grape flavoured hookah. Needless to say we had lots of fun over there. We left when the kitten fell back asleep and went back to the OC. We stayed up til 5:30AM. We don’t want to leave each other. We will all be scattered by this time tomorrow : (

I really should sleep a little, there is so much to be done tomorrow.


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