Extra time


Today I woke up as always and checked my e-mail while waiting for my egg to warm up. My school account was full of ALL CAPS! Prof and TA of PLB 119 had frantically e-mailed us to say the final is not at 10:30AM it is at 3:30PM. Rejoicing! I have just gained five extra hours of studying. Unfortunately I did spend a majority of that time packing instead… With only a quick break for lunch. But I did get in a good amount of studying.

The final went okay I think. I just want to pass my classes!

Dinner was delicious! Shrimp pad thai, Hawaiian pizza, Santa Fe chicken salad, mint cookie ice cream. Ah! Totally makes up for an awful lunch. Then back to the books. I finished the study guide for PLS 171 and went over all my notes. For my study break I made these lovelies!

And passed them out around the building to friends : ) It was a good break for everyone.

Then more studying. Now PLS 1o2. Oi. It was rather long, slow going. I am a bit past half way through everything and it is almost 1AM… Time to sleep and pick this up in the morning. Yay for functioning during Finals Week… Peace.


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