De Final


Well…de first final ; )

I was going to get up at 8AM and study for my ENH 160 final at 1PM… I only slept in til 9-ish. Egg for breakfast and studying all morning with only a quick break for lunch at noon. Then off to the final! It went ok, not super amazing, not horrible. But my wrists were killing me by the end. Ouch. I finished early and used my extra time to sell back a few books. I made a little money to hold me over til I get a job. Sweetness. Then I (finally) wrote my PLB 119 lab report. Gross. It ended up 5 pages not including Figures and Tables which were another 8 or so pages. Lucky TA who gets to read 30 of those.Dinner was not terribly exciting. Turkey Champignon with added roasted eggplant and rainbow carrots and Hawaiian cake with ice cream.

I knocked around a little studying for PLB 119 final that is tomorrow. Not getting much done I decided to go to Trader Joe’s! Eggs, frosting, and stickers. Their summer stickers are awesome. Then I made cupcakes (and washed dishes).

Socializing and cupcake handing out was a nice break for everyone. Best part: trading a cupcake for a Newcastle. College rocks! We are trying to plan a party Thursday night after we are all supposed to be moved out…we’ll see what happens.

I think I will take my little bro out for lunch on Thursday. I still have that gift certificate for Gunrock Pub. It would be fun!

I did a little packing and un-decorating. My room looks sad and unloved. I will have to take a pic before we all leave… I put a bunch of my wall decor and stuff into a journal thing so I can look at it later and remember some of the crazy times : )

A cool thing about almost-adult-types: if you do something a little wild or crazy when drinking and hanging out, they don’t act all weird around you the next time you hang out. Unless the reason they act chill is that they don’t remember it… hmmm…

Well now it’s pretty late and I do have a final in the morning that I haven’t spent enough time studying for, so peace out y’alls!


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