Last Saturday


This was my last Saturday in Davis! I am sad. I don’t really want to leave. I will miss all my friends and the bike/cow town-ness of everything. It will be cold and boring in my hometown…

I was planning on going to the Farmer’s Market this morning to get cheese! But it was horrendously windy and I should probably start on that whole study-for-finals thing… I may try to go Wednesday evening depending on how finals go.

At the Farm-to-College Night picnic thing I planted a little rainbow chard in a bit of egg carton and it is growing!

Most of the day was spent starting on my lab report for PLB 119. Ew. I didn’t get very far…

A suitemate, her crush, and I watched half a disk of The OC before dinner. Craziness in that show! And the other half after dinner, sans suitemate who was called into work.

The pretend-there-are-no-finals-next-week drinking began around 10PM. We were invited to go downtown for a friend’s 21st birthday but it was still CRAZY windy so we stayed in. Much fun was had. A few of us stayed over for the night. I got back to our suite around 8AM to go back to sleep. Good Night Morning!


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