Dead day


Happy dead Friday! It is a ‘dead day’ here because there are no classes and no finals, we are supposed to use this free time to study more. And I did…a little.

This morning started out with a phone call to home and a nice chat with mom about a plan for moving out. She freaked out a little when I told her about my hair. But it isn’t way crazy or anything. See? Hardly noticeable.

I didn’t really get around to studying til lunchtime. I stayed in to study and had random leftovers for lunch. I pretty much stayed glued to the books (with little breaks to paint my nails sky blue with iridescent sparkly crackle top coat) until we left for dinner at 5:30PM.

The whole suite went out to Lamppost Pizza. A rude guy totally cut us in line and felt no remorse. Psh, whatever. But the pizza… So tasty! We got wings, garlic bread, and a pizza called The Whole Nine Yards. It had onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and black olives. Also lots of ranch and sweet tea. It was a lot of fun to finally do something as a suite again, too bad we waited til the last week. But in our defense, it is like herding kittens to get a hold of the ninja roomie. So I think we did well, all things considered.

We came back from dinner with a few extra wings and thought it would be nice to give them to our neighbor boys. There suite and all rooms were open and unlocked and it had been awhile since any pranks were done… so we put the love seat into one closet, the couch in another room, the coffee table in the hallway, a camp chair in the shower, the wings in the bathroom, and switched their clothes in the closet. As we were putting the finishing touches on things, we heard the front door open. Run and hide! Of course the guy who came in lived in the room we hid in…we were hiding two in the closet and one under the bed. He seemed a little pissed about the state of things and went off the the bathroom muttering. We quickly made our escape. Sprinted back to our suite and locked the door breathlessly. Victory! We decide to play it cool and study in our living room with a funny show on to mask our laughter if the boys came looking for us. They did. And I think that for awhile we did have them at least partially convinced that it wasn’t us…maybe.

We spent the rest of the evening with them in their suite watching movies, denying the upcoming finals. We watched Troy, American Beauty, and Hugo. Fun times : ) But now it is past 3:30AM and I really ought to sleep sometime… Peace out.


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