Last day of school!


Lately I have been waking up 15 minutes before my alarm, going back to sleep, and then waking up 30 minutes after my alarm should have gone off. What is up with that? Weird…

A paper was due in ENH 160 but that was turned in ages ago (yesterday). Class was chill, wrapping up the last lecture and doing prof and TA evaluations.

Apricots while reading the special graduation last edition of the Aggie paper. I read in the Physics Building atrium and today a bunch of people kept walking though. They are planing an awesome renovation! I can’t wait for it! And I’ll actually still be hanging out around there because I am in physics next year.

We wrapped up micropropagaion in PLS 171 with talking about some work my prof did for J&P Roses. Awesome. I will kind of miss that class but I am sure I will be taking another class from him again next year.

PLS 102 was kind of fun, we had a special speaker today. It was only kind of fun because the presentation was on weedy invasive species in California. There were some funny quotes from it that I wanted to share but I didn’t write them down and now I can’t remember them : /

After class I tried to return some stuff to the Bookstore. No luck. Then I stopped by my home building (Plant and Environmental Science) cause they sent me an e-mail to come by. They gave me a $25 gift card for helping out on Picnic Day! Awesome. Then I completely forgot to stop by the Dining Services to redeem my scratcher…oops.

When I got home I freaked out a little. I can’t remember if I was supposed to go to Lab today! We turned in lab books and stuff last week and for the life of me I could not remember if we had class still. I don’t have anyone’s number so I guess I’ll never know…double oops.

I caught up on Psych and Pinned until a bit before 5PM, then some of us girls worked out. Today was mostly legs; our arms and ‘abs’ are still sore from yesterday but it felt good. Then dinner! (We were all starving.)  But the pasta was horrible! It looked like a lovely pesto pasta and I added on yellow squash, zucchini, and striped beets. Then I tasted it. Blech! It was Cilantro Pesto!?! How could they do such a horrible low thing as that? Needless to say, I just picked off the vegetables to eat and had Hawaiian pizza and a quesadilla for dinner.

After dinner I dyed the bottom three inches or so of my hair purple with Kool-Aid! Everything smells like grape now… It turned out awesome but a little faint so I will probably do it again tomorrow for better colour. I also worked on job applications for a bit and then kinda went on a murder mystery binge. I watched Cold Case and Criminal Minds with Chopped and Sweet Genius during commercials until 1AM. I tried to study a bit during the shows, didn’t work out so well. Someone’s crush from next door kept stopping by to watch bits with me as study breaks. I told him he could almost count the tv shows as studying because his first final is Criminal Justice ; ) haha. And he brought my tasty M&M cookies. We know many sweet boys. I should probably sleep now if I want to get any studying done tomorrow… ‘night!


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