Penultimate day


I slept in til 8:30AM this morning and TOTALLY freaked out! I forgot it was only Wednesday. I don’t have class til 10AM. Crisis averted.

Not going to lie, I’m kind of glad Weeds is over. Not that PLB 119 wasn’t fun (well only the lab was fun, the lecture was a snore) but I am SO excited for summer! And Lab was canceled for today, so the rest of my day was w-i-d-e open : )

So of course I walked straight home and started some laundry. While that was washing, I had lunch and read some of my book. Perfect timing to switch to the dryer. I was going to finish up my bat paper but got sucked into Pinterest….oi.

After I folded and put away all the laundry I finally got down to the bats. Not my finest work, but it turned out pretty well. I finished and turned it in around 2PM (it isn’t even due til 9AM tomorrow!). Go me : ) Which left me just enough time for an episode of Psych before a PLB 119 Final Review with the TA. I think it was helpful…

Dinner was not so great. Shoe-leather pork on rice. But there was Boston Cream Pie : )

We had a girl’s workout planned for 7:15PM but had many technical difficulties…oi. So our workout ended up starting around 8PM. I thought we might almost die. It was hard. Not that I was surprised, I am totally not in shape of any kind. (I would link up what we did, but I can’t remember the woman’s name.) It was kind  of fun though and we are planning to do a workout every day til we move out. Maybe, just maybe, I could have muscles…

After we recovered from that, I got a massage from someone who owed me. Ah, I miss choir massages so much! It was better than I expected which was nice. We also kept cracking up about everything… endorphins I guess.

The rest of the evening was filled with more Psych, watching 310 cut each other’s hair, colouring, chatting, watching cute puppy videos… Now is time for sleep. Last day of class tomorrow!!

I might sell back some books from last quarter tomorrow… If I get enough money I may try to go to Santa Rosa for the weekend again. I have been missing my Giant’s fan and he owes me a margarita and wants to bake pies together… Perfect weekend before finals : )


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