1st Final


I am getting fat eating bananas and peanut butter for breakfasts. Lame. I should work out.

Anywho, ENH 160 was a snore. What else is new? Crunch time is coming up and I need to polish up my bat paper for that class. It is due on Thursday.

The newspaper had some great articles today. I read it on my break while not eating lunch because I forgot what day it is.

PLS 171 was fun, more micropropagation how-to. But I am behind on my notes for that class because I ran out of prints at the computer center. Also lame.

PLS 102 was all review for today’s Lab final. And doing prof/TA evaluations. Side note: My prof wore rather short shorts today…makes him look kind of like a little boy. Interesting.

I read about New Zealand cooking while savoring a warm, white peach instead of studying for the Lab Practical. Studying isn’t entirely necessary because we get a cheat sheet! Front and back of 8.5×11. Sweet! We could put anything on it, pictures, words, ANYTHING. I think it went well. I knew two of the five key plants right off! One was a beautiful purple scabiosa and the other was a water primrose that I just wrote a seven page paper on. Winning. That was also the longest I ever spent in that class (and I still got out an hour and a half early). I hope I got an A….

Dinner! I was soo hungry and they had Terryaki Chicken on Rice and Carrot Cake. Yum. It was nice to get to eat as a group again, it’s been happening less and less as finals creep up on us.

Look what I found on our way back!

We were just walking past this random bush and this leaf was spray painted gold. Awesome. I just had to have it! (It is going to die anyway…)

Then I worked on my bat paper a bit (read: wasted hours on Pintrest). Went to Late Night feeling nibbly, ate some veggie pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Never as good as mine…I should start only eating sweets that I make…

Wiled away the hours before bed with some of the guys at the spa and watched a bit of a video game convention with the 310 boys. Interesting…

I really need to do laundry! Good night : )


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