So remember how I went to bed early last night? That was so I could also wake up early today and write my PLB 119 paper.

I did wake up with my alarm at 6:30AM. And promptly decided this is no good and went back to sleep. zzzz…

Luckily I did wake up in time to get everything done and ready (except my paper of course).  Forecast of rain! Grab the umbrella as I run out the door.

Class was the same old, same old. When I got out it was raining! It was lovely to walk in the light breeze rain listening to fitting music.  I stopped by the DC for a quick lunch and read the newspaper before pounding out my paper. Finished in record time! Mostly thanks to the fact that my Monday lab was canceled today : ) So I headed out across campus (this prof wants paper copies, he in non-existent on the whole online thing). I thought we could bring it by the other section’s lab, but no one was there…hmmm. Fortunately I brought along my whole binder so I could look up where the prof’s office is. Up 5 flights of stairs. That is where it is. Oi. Definitely counts as my exercise for the day. (Speaking of, I must have done something on Saturday cause my left leg is soo sore. I also twisted my right ankle and that is still a little swollen. And I walked holes in my feet from my heels. Totally worth it though!)

Back to my desk to make a ‘cheat sheet’ for tomorrow’s PLS 102 Lab Practical. Sweetness, this means less studying! Though by making the ‘cheat sheet’ I am actually studying more…interesting concept.

Less than 10 days til I am back in SoCal!! Ahhh! Then the in-person hard-core job-hunting will begin in earnest.

Speaking of jobs…I e-mailed a ton of people about working this summer and already heard back from 2! City Hall said sorry, we aren’t hiring this summer good luck elsewhere. Nothing Bundt Cakes said stop by and bring in my resume, they may have just the spot for me! That would be the best ever! Please keep all your fingers crossed for me to get a job this summer!

Nothing much planned for the rest of the evening… Peace out and see you soon SoCal!


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