Slowest day ever.

Woke up at 8:30-ish AM and went back to my room to sleep. After setting my alarm for 12:30 so I wouldn’t miss brunch. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Brunch was tasty. Beautiful fried eggs and toast. I was going to read about New Zealand cuisine but ended up eating with the roomie’s new boyfriend’s roommate and a friend. Small world.

I stopped by 310 to see if they had survived last night and were awake yet. Some of them were and I caught the end of the Mexico-Brazil soccer match. Mexico won 2-0 : ) Then Runaway Bride was on so of course I had to stay and watch. Romcom movie marathon apparently on tv today. We also watched Just Like Heaven and Failure to Launch before dragging ourselves away for dinner before the DC closed. Tasty polenta stacker and roasted peach.

I attempted to start a paper that is due tomorrow…blech. Distraction! There were strange flashing lights in the sky, most likely aliens. Where are my fave X-Files stars when I need them?

Anywho…. Mostly I just researched my topic (a noxious weed of California) while listening to Disney princess songs and songs from the musical Buffy episode : ) I think I will go to sleep early(ish) tonight….like now… Peace out.


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