Group projects


Happy birthday to two of my besties!! One is turning 21 in SoCal and is still my bff, the other is turning 23 in AK with a baby on the way and we only talk on occasion now. Maybe I will send her a card…

Still no bike this morning. But there was an egg for breakfast. I didn’t start leaving for class until like 15 minutes before it starts. I was planning on walking there. All the way across campus. Thankfully I ran into the suitemate with 2 bikes! She lent me one. I love her forever. So I made it to class on time. Yay.

Not so much. This lecture group project for ENH 160 kind of bites. We have no idea what we’re doing or how to get it done and it is due Thursday at 9AM. Joy rapture. I hope we can pull this together.

I got a tasty wrap for lunch with a peach and a banana while reading the paper. Nothing real interesting today. I cannot remember what we did in PLS 171 but in two weeks we will do micro-propagation in lab!!

I did sudoku in PLS 102 while almost listening to a lecture on grasses. Good thin I already learned all this at my community college before coming here…

Chatted a bit with a girl from my ENH 160 lab group (BEST group ever!) about the craziness that is the lecture group project. Both our groups are hopeless and don’t feel like listening to reason. Good luck to everybody!

Time for a bit of lab quiz studying, reading, and apple snacking before lab. The quiz was ok, I only missed one point on the keying. I skipped out early after reviewing the plants and keying oats and rye grass. I feel bad, I was going to use my time before dinner to finish Mother’s Day and birthday cards but that didn’t happen… But dinner was AWESOME!

Tonight they served my home recipe! I was SOO excited! It was really tasty, not quite the same as home but really good. And the asparagus was delicious. They also served it with sliced, roasted red potatoes and a corn muffin. Yum : )

Reading, American Idol (I don’t really like either of the final two…what happened to all the amazing people at the beginning?), Glee finale, popcorn, flat root beer, and generally wasting time.

I got pretty bored and took my books to the DC for Late Night.Finished Notes From A Small Island and started Death Warmed Over. Funny book and quite informative. I will probably be posting snip-its of it now and then. I was seriously laughing out loud and getting the strangest looks. Wouldn’t you look at a girl funny if she was laughing in a cup of tea while reading a book on death? Well there you go. Some of the 310 boys came in around 11PM and I nibbled and drank tea with them. Such a fun bunch : ) Hung out a bit in their suite before deciding it was high time for bed.

Unfortunately I happened to look in the window of 310 on my way and had to go in after cracking up with the silly waving we were doing back and forth. Then the red neck one brought out the Nerf gun he modified with thumb tacks and we all took turns shooting a pizza box target across the room. Some good shots were made. Then they wanted to try throwing knives. It worked out pretty well actually. I was not the worst shot. By quite a bit actually. We decided that next year we will all go shooting together in Sac. That should be great, all of us trying to impress each other with our marksmanship. By then it’s 12:30AM and really really time to be heading for bed on a school night.

So yeah, off to sleeping now : )


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