Dead bike


Good morning! Kinda.

I slept in til 9AM, banana and peanut butter for breakfast, no time for showering, and oh, dear, I forgot to check out my bike over the weekend…oops. Lucky for me, the roomie’s flight back up here was delayed so I got to use her bike again. PLB 119 was mostly a snore as usual. But the sunshine was lovely riding around on a mountain bike : )

I found (and left in the car) this cool bandanna. We missed the good wildflower weeks of the restoration areas, but there were a few flowers left here and there. Awhile back, the fields were a carpet of poppies and things.

Lunch with the boys of 310 and the roomie was loads of fun. She is now slightly paranoid around them because while she was gone they TPed her bed, hid foil in it, hid books and notes under her covers along with the vampire chick poster, and hanged her stuffed penguin. They also turned our microwave upside down, but she hasn’t noticed yet…haha

Time to find if the bike can be fixed! I walked it back around to the air pump. Filled up the back tire. Lovely. Put some more air into the front tire. Nice. I hang up the hose, look down at the tires, and notice that the back tire is completely flat again. Great. And so begins the hunt for a loan-bike, it is way too hot to walk that far. I ended up using one of the 313 boys’ bike to ride to ENH 160 lab. I may try and fix it tonight or tomorrow…

We went on a field trip to a restored riparian area of Putah Creek. We visited some happy, friendly Davis cows!

We hiked all over the cow ‘pastures’ and grass fields.

The breezes were ruffling the tall grasses and I wished I was in Little House on the Prairie. I wanted to frolic in the meadow in high boots and long skirts. I would love to swing on a porch sipping cool iced tea in the mid-west. It was gorgeous. (And hot and dusty.)

I peeled off my clothes as soon as I got home and threw myself into the shower. So nice to be cleeeeeean! And famished. Time for dinner! Chicken and apple sausage on penne, pot roast with potatoes, yam fries, and an awful lemon meringue pie. That was really sad. Powdered meringue and chemically tasting slightly greenish filling. Tragic.

Last episode of House ever! It was ok. I don’t really like hallucination episodes….oh well.

I will go to bed before midnight tonight! (First time in over a week I believe…) After finishing the hard boiled eggs and printing tomorrows notes and things. Peace out.


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