Must be laundry day


I spent a leisurely morning reading with tea in the DC.

I put off being constructive by hanging out with the 310 boys.

Finally I cleaned the room, did laundry, washed dishes, finished the bat paper, and turned it in. Most of this was done while watching Chopped with teeny suite-ie (who was working on a psych paper) and her crush, the sweet neighbor (who was working on Portuguese).

Before dinner we three watched Eclipse and Food Network. I was super bummed that Sift didn’t win. Totally not fair. But very excited for the Glee Cupcake War next Sunday!

After dinner we watched a few disks of The OC. I have now been sucked into that show! (The main guy is way cuter in the show than in this pic.) Then bed because the real world and school are back tomorrow…lame.


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