Woke up late. Quick breakfast. Twin graduating! Her school streamed it online so I actually got to hear them call her (new) name and see her walk by. I cheered when she was called. (And only thought about taking a screen shot later, oh well.) Other friends were also graduating so I ended up watching mostly the whole thing until the Webster 3 BBQ.

It was loads of fun! Kinda small though, the only people who came were the 3rd floor RAs, me, the 310 guys, some 313 guys, and a few friends from the soccer team. We kicked around the soccer ball, grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and attempted a veggie burger (didn’t work out so much, mostly crumbled and fell through the grates), talked about all manner of interesting things, watched some anime chicks do a photo shoot, and watched the Sigma Nu kickball/slip-in-slide game. Lovely way to spent a Saturday.

I borrowed Twilight from a neighbor the other day and we watched it after the BBQ. Such a bad film but so much fun to watch! The rest of the afternoon was spent reading about England.

Movie night with the boys after dinner. How to Train Your Dragon. Watching that movie with boys is so funny! They think the dragons are cute but don’t want to admit it. We all stayed up late chattin’ it up. I don’t think we drank at all…



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