Fridays are the best


Or at least the craziest. Usually.

I woke up and got everything out to write that pesky bat paper. Crank it out now before lunch so I can play all weekend. But I figured I should check my emails first. And Pintrest. And Facebook. Downfall! I ended up ‘talking’ to someone I haven’t in ages. We chatted all the way to lunch. There goes the morning…. The only thing I got accomplished was my nails.

As we got to the DC, my lunch date finally texted me. Too late boy, sorry. Maybe another time.

I worked on bats til the soccer games. Webster 1 won, but it is too late for them to make it to the finals. Webster 3 lost tragically and are out of the running for finals. So there was much drinking and craziness tonight. I don’t even remember everything that happened, not from drinking lots but from the amount that went down. I learned some Portuguese, made 4 shots in a row in someone else’s beer pong game, we may have watched a movie, we walked the cutest boy outside for fresh air where he was promptly sick in the bushes, we got pizzas from Domino’s…not in that order. The night ended with me and ‘Yenny’ sneaking into the pool area to dip our toes in. She decided to jump in after handing me her phone to take pics. I took a super hilarious video instead : ) We started walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor when she decided I should go in too. I was dragged down the stairs and tossed into the spa. Luckily on our way down I had stopped by my room and took everything out of my pockets. Then we chilled and talked about school and life and stuff til almost 6AM. One of the RAs totally walked by us and pointedly did not look in our direction. We would have gotten in loads of trouble even being in the pool area let alone in the spa in jeans and t-shirts. That was our cue to head up to bed.

Showers and sleep! Good morning…..


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