National Cherry Cobbler Day!?


Good morning! I had to force myself out of be this morning… But I did have store-brand fruit loops for breakfast : )

Presentation in ENH 160. My slides were the most beautiful in the whole class : ) (After class the prof and the TA emailed us to say our lab this year did the best presentations EVER! Go us!) Then we got put into groups for another part of this project. Yay for being slave labour…

Lunch after was so tasty though! Sandwich, banana, and two mini cookies while reading the paper and studying for PLS 102 midterm. PLS 171 was chill, I knew most if the stuff already and studied off and on through class.

Time for my last midterm of the year! The front side was fine (mostly) but the back side was all on the one review sheet I forgot to bring (out of four). Lame. I kinda BSed it…hopefully it worked out well for me.

I finished early enough to ride to the library to find an open computer. I was a bit early and scoped out the shelves. Then run back to a computer to register for Fall classes! (I think I already told you what I would register for, so I won’t repeat it here.) I got into everything I wanted! I would have liked to add one more class, but you can only register for 17 units this early in the season. I am registered for 16 presently. Sweet. I only checked out three new books this time. Death Warmed Over, An Innocent Delight, and The Passionate Olive. So excited to read them after writing my bat paper tomorrow!

Then scoot to PLS 171 Lab. We planted cosmos, cucumbers, lettuce, and marigolds. My rose and tomato grafts are all still alive! My onions have rotted to death because of the stupid mist bench. They were alive last week, but we weren’t allowed to take them home. Sad day. But I did have some fun before I left.

I picked a bag of cherries from the lovely tree and ate some loquats. Yum.

I walked all over the Student Farm looking for lemons…

I couldn’t find any lemons, but I did find these teeny strawberries!

I wanted to use the lemons for some pies to enter a pie contest in town. The winner gets their pie featured in a local restaurant!

I put this lovely flower in my hair and went to get my bike.

I hopped on my bike and headed home. It felt really weird. All this strange clunking and super bumpy feeling. I don’t remember the road being so rough… I jumped off to check things out. My back tire was completely flat, so I resigned myself to walking back. But as I did, my bike kept clunking and stuff. I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary…I hope my rim isn’t bent or anything horrible like that. Sigh.

Dinner was so delicious! Terriyaki chicken on rice, meatloaf stacker, thick hot chocolate with sugared fry bread…so good! I dipped a banana in the extra cocoa. I stayed later and did half of my Propagation notes before going back to see the roomie off. She is home for the weekend because her bff is graduating. Yay for having my own room! Did you know it was National Cherry Cobbler Day?! I sure didn’t. More studying before the softball game.

I got there 5 minutes late and discovered the other team never showed so they won by default. Sweet. They stayed and practiced against each other. And all the boys flirted hard core with the ref chick (who is the captain of their rival team last game). Small world. I played football with them before almost everyone left to study. Three of the boys stayed to play frisbee and I stayed to play with them. I got hit in the face after the field lights turned off. Nice. Now I have this awesome purple and blue lump on my right cheekbone.

We did a little more studying by the spa when we got back. Cozy. I came back up to my room and opened the door onto three guys attacking our room. Remember that we’re in the middle of a prank war? Well now the ball is in our court. The room looks like a disaster area. But I will leave it up for the roomie to see and fully appreciate. Then I was bored and decided to make a cherry cobbler to honour the day. I didn’t have enough of anything to make a real recipe, so I mixed up four different recipes in various fractions… Let’s do this!

I carted everything downstairs and spent half an hour pitting cherries… there wasn’t enough for a 1/3 recipe. I added in my teeny strawberries. Still not enough. Ah! I have freeze-dried peaches from the Grand Canyon hike! I tried to rehydrate them, then cut them up. Perfect! I tossed them into the pan where I proceeded to  add everything else like the whole recipe. Oi. Hopefully it works out. Then I mixed up the biscuit part. I tried for a half batch, but forgot to halve the butter so I added cocoa powder. Assemble. Into the oven! Bake. And Bake. And bake some more. Done!

Much hanging out with the neighbors. Cobbler is tasty. Lots of talking, exchanging stories. Good times. So tired. Peace and ‘night.


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