Good morning! I really didn’t want to get up today, I almost ditched class. Telling myself I would use the time to study for tomorrows midterm. Haha, yeah right… So I went to class. It actually passed pretty quickly, talking about cacti in Australia and doodling. On myself.

Quick lunch and studying before lab. We harvested our flats. So many radishes, sunflowers, and millets! We ate some of the radishes, they were really spicy. And I attempted to make a radish rose with an straight razor blade…

Yeah, it didn’t work out that well. But we got out of lab early : ) I was going to go back to the Herbarium until 5PM keying again, but I figured it would be better to study today. And I was famished! I finished my tasty leftovers for snack.

Then back to studying. Oh! My prof gave me an extension on the 4 to 7 page paper that is supposed to be due tomorrow. I was freaking out a little about everything that is going on tomorrow and talked to her and she is giving me until Monday. Yay! I will probably finish it on Friday if I can. Sweet. After finishing my midterm study guide, I needed to let off some steam. In the form of adding onto my arm doodle… This is what I ended up with.

Awesome right? : ) I like doing tattoos like this. Time for dinner! Yummy shrimp pad thai and chocolate ice cream. And more studying!

Then I was attacked by friends with water balloons! This is war! Mayhem ensues. Much running around the building and water balloon throwing and people getting soaked. Great study break!

Movie night! Breaking Dawn pt 1 is on for tonight. We planned to study while watching it but got fresh warm cookies instead and just chilled all friendly-like. I did write up my teeny speech for a presentation tomorrow and now I would like to sleep for a few days : )

Night and peace out bros ; )


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