National Chocolate Chip Day!


I almost freaked out this morning when I woke up to Michael Bublé’ s Cry Me A River. That epic music so early in the morning…

Classes were sooooo long today. I fidgeted straight through ENH 160 and PLS 171. I actually fell asleep in PLS 102. Also, I had forgotten to turn my phone on silent, got a text, and never heard it…though I’m sure the rest of my class did : /

PLS 102 Lab was cool. Horrible quiz, but we did learn about lilies and things. And when I got out super early I went down to the Herbarium to key my plants. I got through almost half my specimens and spent about two hours there. It was fun, I should definitely apply for the Herbarium Internship!

I got asked out today. Don’t freak out though! It was only for lunch tomorrow. (The boys tell me a lunch ‘date’ is a friend lunch, not really a date.) Tomorrow doesn’t really work for either of us… Reschedule for Wednesday dinner. Nope, midterms, papers, and presentations on Thursday. Friday lunch? Yes, let’s do it. I don’t think I like him though… We’ll see.

Dinner was fun with the first floor boys. Then a little hanging out with the neighbor boys watching the Clipper’s game and told them I’d make cookies to honour the day if they bought me chocolate chips. Then Glee! And attempting to study at the same time… I got a little done. Then a bag of chocolate chips sailed through my door. Time for cookies!

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip! I used up the last of my cinnamon and I’m pretty short on flour now. Totally worth it : ) They were a HUGE hit, as always. Such fun : )

Someone filled my country music friend’s bed with packing peanuts so he’ll be getting to bed later than expected…haha. And since my bed is empty I will sleep now. Lovely glorious sleep!


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