Mexican Food


This morning was no good and came too early. I woke up with my alarm. Glared at it. Rolled over. And went back to sleep. All thought and plans of studying and doing homework forgotten.

I couldn’t eat when I got up. I did try. Made it to PLB 119 on time, we had a special speaker. He talked about Biological Control of Weeds. I should get started on my weed paper…

Quick lunch while reading the paper, then time to crack down on my presentation bits for Thursday. It turned out beautifully! My group loved it (mostly, they thought it made their parts look not so nice). We ran through our presentation a few times and managed to get it down to 7 minutes and 48 seconds. (The EHN 160 prof wants it 5-7 minutes, so we’re close enough.) I just need to make a speech notecard and it will be perfect.

One of the suite-ies’ sorority was having a fundraiser at Dos Coyotes so we went there for dinner. Delicious! I got a Roasted Garlic and Spinach Quesadilla with Chicken. It was so good! If you have  a chance to eat at Dos Coyotes, do it. It isn’t Mexican like back home, but it is still great. Ran around Safeway before heading home.

Wasted time, mostly Pinning, until the season finale of Bones and the second to last episode of House. Craziness!

I should be studying. I want to colour my hair and paint my nails. I think I will just shower and go to bed… Good plan folks.



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