National Train Day!


I am so sad to not be on a train this weekend!

So I will listen to lost of Train (the band) to make up for it. Haha…

I came back home around 9AM, took a shower, and went back to sleep (but in my own bed this time). I slept til 1:30PM. My rommie started getting worried, I’ve never slept in past 10AM. I slept though the returning of our living room furniture, the neighbor boys stole it last night. I had the lunch I packed for my field trip while catching up on tv shows.

Dinner with everyone was fun. Then I rode my bike downtown to see the Hunger Games! I’ve been listening to the music and decided I had to see it. (I also had a movie ticket that would expire on Sunday, so it was perfect.) I did go alone, but I really enjoyed going out and the movie. The lead guy strongly reminded me of someone which was interesting… And I totally with I was the lead chick! She is awesome and beautiful. Riding back to the dorms in the dark (I forgot my light again) was exciting to say the least.

Movie night with 310! We watched 21 Jump Street. Pretty funny, some crude humor as always, but still good. We had a few beers and Mike’s with the movie. Other friends joined. We chatted and chilled. When midnight rolled around we decided to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. (What’s with the number movies?) We had so much fun! Did a little Portuguese, did a little TP-ing, wreaked some havoc after the film. Good times. We finally called it a night after watching the sunrise around 5AM.

Good night!


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