Whole Earth Festival!


Spent the morning studying at the DC in the sunshine. Lovely.

Then….off to The Whole Earth Festival!!

It was so much fun! Next year my family totally has to come. Plant stuff for Dad, pottery stuff for Mom, beautiful art stuff for Bro, and just plain awesomeness for Twin : )

There were these cool garden signs.

And hula hooping.

It was great to chill with the ‘hippie people’! I decided I could totally live at the Whole Earth Festival. My jr high hippie-ness is back full force. Now I will dress only in tie-dye, walk barefoot, and eat natural things. Peace to everybody!

But then again… We went to Starbucks for frappuccinos right after. Yum.

Some of us girls went to Sally’s Beauty Supply for hair dye later. Awesome! But I had to run to Trader Joe’s to meet up with TWM to stock up for baking.

After we got back to his place and got a tour of the whole complex (AMAZING!!!) we decided to make Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies with three kinds of chocolate chips (bittersweet chips, dark and milk chocolate chunks). So tasty! And we did have fun. By then it was almost 9PM and time for a party across town.

We got there and no one else had gotten there yet. So we drove to the fields to catch the rest of the Webster 3 soccer game. We lost : / The roomies hair turned out awesome with the fuchsia streak!

Back to the party! It was kinda fizzled out. A bunch of people went home for Mother’s Day and a bunch had midterms to study for. Lame.

We left, stopped by (the other) Safeway, and went back to his place to hang. Ate pizza and bread sticks while listening to Dane Cook (with TWM acting it out). Funny guy. Mostly true stories.

He rode home with me around midnight since I forgot to bring a light. Nice of him.

I was going to go sleep because I have a field trip to go on tomorrow, but I drank and hung out with 313 boys. Great crowd. We stayed up way too late talking and I fell asleep over there probably around 5AM…oops.



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