No traveling


I was dressed very colourful. More than usual.

Class was probably boring.

Lab was probably cool. Planting things and all.

My weekend plans fell through. Sad day. Composer’s Senior Recital was apparently amazing. I will make it over again before summer.
I will get a tasty margarita from my Giant’s fan friend.

I forgot to tell you my phone died and I finished my super cool nails!

That is my old (first) phone, I got it after graduating high school. The picture is not that great, but my nails go from bright glittery yellow to hot glittery pink. Someone told me it looked kinda like candy corn, but I think it is more like a tropical sunset. Especially because I also painted little white glittery flowers on them : )

So the wrong Michael (TWM) thought we should meet up before I go bake at his house. (Mostly to make sure neither of us are creepers.) The plan was to meet up at the Webster softball game but his work went late and didn’t make it out til the end of the game. (They lost.)  It was chill though, we hung out til 1AM. We talked about school, traveling, mutual friends, movies, and things. He brought sour candy and gummy sharks to share. He might not be so bad…

Peace out peeps.


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