Oi. Really?


This morning started out SUPER early! I was awoken by loud poundings on my door at 3:30AM. (The only person who reads this already heard the full story, so here is the reader’s digest version. If you wan to know the whole thing call me, it has probably been ages since we talked.) My roomie locked herself out and lost her keys. Again. I slipped on my way down the ladder. Now I walk with a limp. And she thinks it is funny. She leaves laughing sans keys. Not a fan.

I woke up the second time at 8AM. Nice. Cereal for breakfast. I got in an episode of Downton Abbey before class. What also happened before class? The roomie came back at 9AM shrieking about how she just woke up, only slept for an hour, and has a presentation in class at 9. I had no pity for her today. I know she stayed up til at least past 3AM chatting with the neighbor guys, mostly about sex. Oi. College people.

I hobbled to class which was fun. Not. But biking is totally fine! It only hurts to walk. Class was boring as always. It is a beautiful day.

Quick lunch, then I read ‘Salem’s Lot straight til lab. I got there early and continued reading. Lab was fun, checking seedlings, exploring campus with a limp. My PLB 119 ‘partner-in-crime’ wasn’t there today so I keyed with a girl I don’t remember ever seeing before. We were so fast! My ‘partner-in-crime’ guy is really slow at keying. I keep trying to key without him, but he always follows me.

I came home and finished my book. I took the SALT book to dinner with me. I fell asleep outside reading. Lovely nap : )

We girls decided to make a run to Sally’s Beauty Supply to buy this hair dye.

But Sally’s was already closed! So we went to the Bargain Grocery Outlet next door. Awesome. So cheap! They bought all kinds of stuff. We came home. I stopped by the RHAT thing on the 3rd floor, it was lame. I already knew the info, but I did get a soft warm pretzel : ) Then we made these!

They turned out a little cakey and dry and I think they got overmixed. Everyone just loves stirring so much!

Then I skyped my lovely sister. (haha) It will be fun to go home and bake together. In five weeks!!!

My nails are super cool! I will post a pic of them tomorrow in the light after I do the finishing touches : )

I fb-chatted with the wrong Michael til past 11:30PM. I kept thinking of a particular Giant’s fan that has been on my mind a lot lately. Life is hard. I am meeting up with a new friend at the softball game tomorrow night. It could be interesting. I hope he doesn’t like me and just wants to be friends. We’ll see. He is an unknown.

Tired. Sleep calls. I will probably go to the movies and froyo alone tomorrow. It could be fun to hang with me…


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