I did wake up with my alarm this morning.

And then proceeded to fall asleep while trying to convince myself that I should get out of bed, there is studying to be done. Oi. *rolls eyes* But I did get up in time only to realize that I only printed out half the stuff I needed for the day. I ran out the door with only stuff for my first class hoping that I would finish my midterm (second class of the day) in enough time to dash home to get/print everything else I would need.

I wonder what it is about ENH 160, I cannot sit still in that class! I fidget the whole time, watching the clock, checking my calendar all the time, doodling, trying SO HARD to keep my eyelids up. Now that I think of it though, my PLS 102 is the same way…only not usually so bad because I always eat an apple during class. That can take up to twenty minutes if a neat and thorough job is done on it. Today in ENH 160 I occupied myself by eating three (!!!) leftover cookies from last night. The sugar did not help : / much…

I studied during my break. I spent more time studying right before the midterm than I actually spent doing the midterm. I think it went well. And now there is time to bike home!

Most horrible thing of my life happened on the way home. I hit a squirrel on my bike!! I saw him on the far left edge of the path. We made eye contact. He didn’t move. I said good squirrel. Then he ran into the path! He paused as he neared the center line and my front wheel drew alongside him. And continued, trying to go through my front tire I think. It was horrible to feel and hear him hit the wheel. I’m not sure if he jumped back or my tire threw him across the path. I am sorry to say I didn’t stop to see if he was alright. I was too shocked and the light was about to turn green. I honestly didn’t think it could be done; hitting a squirrel with a bike. Thanks for proving me wrong…

Anywho, I had another cookie for lunch and grabbed an apple, the Jepson, and my dissecting kit before running to the print center. I made it to class early! And didn’t fall asleep! PLS 102 lab was rough. I really need to get my act together and memorize all those silly scientific names. We did Asteraceae, largest family of eudicots in the world. On the final we will key one. This family includes sunflowers, dandelions, clovery things, Queen Ann’s Lace…the list seriously goes on forever. Joy rapture.

Home by 5 for a Delicious dinner. Teriyaki chicken on rice, mashed sweet potatoes, coconut and strawberry ice creams. Then I read ‘Salem’s Lot for three hours, so nice to chill in the 90°F weather. Glee and New Girl were cool. Chatting and sharing a beer with the guys was a great way to end the evening. Tomorrow will be great. The Whole Earth Festival is this weekend! So excited!

Peace guys.


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