The heat was hot…


Happy Monday! It is supposed to stay above 85°F all week! Welcome to summer weather : )

Too warm for oatmeal breakfast, so it was nicked Special K with strawberries and delicious cold milk. Yum crunch. This was practically the first time I didn’t almost fall asleep in PLB 119. Yay.

Pass times and Schedule of Classes were put up yesterday! I spent some time before lunch planning out my Fall 2012 classes. Right now it looks like Principle Physics, Physiological Principles of Environmental Horticulture, Principles of Soil Science, and Introduction to Plant Pathology. I may add Introduction to Beer and Brewing… We’ll see. I am super bummed that a music minor is no longer an option for me at UCD : ( Choir is during Physics and Mozart is during Plant Pathology. Dang scheduling. *tear*

Lunch was a chill affair until they started arguing about water quality in Mexico and stuff like that. Ew. I booked it to study elsewhere.

End of outside far away labs! ENH 160L met on campus today which was nice, especially since it was 86°F. Hot enough without running around in the muggy underbrush. We worked on our group presentations. The fish guy in our group is seriously an Excel ninja. No joke. He can do anything super fast. (He works for the government.)

Dinner with a newly-single friend. There was nothing good. We had cereal. Then I Skyped my mother-dearest for over an hour and a half instead of studying… It was good to see them and talk about moving back down in 5 (!!) weeks. Craziness. Mom and Grandma might come up to visit. Well actually they would come up to see Lake Tahoe and (hopefully) stop by and visit me. We’ll see.

Bones and House were crazy tonight! So was the amount of studying that got done.

Arg! Silly thing just deleted everything that came after that and I don’t feel like retyping everything, so sorry you are getting the Reader’s Digest version.

Someone’s crush dropped off freshly baked cookies for us while that someone was asleep….hmmm… Tasty : )

Now I am really tired and need sleep for tomorrow’s midterm! Night all.


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