Ah, sunshine and laundry


I did not set an alarm. The plan was to catch up and sleep in. I woke up at 8AM. (I guess that is sleeping in compared with yesterday…) And went back to sleep until 9. Nice.

Chill brunch mostly alone studying. The man broke one of my yolks and overcooked them again. Sigh. Does he not understand how much I look forward to these eggs every weekend? And I didn’t get any yesterday because I left way before the DC opened. Life is so hard…

I had tasty strawberries with yogurt and brown sugar for dessert : ) I filled my water bottle with lemon slices and snuck out some cereal. I know, I am such a rebel.


I tried lightening my hair with juice from the lemons. So I just squeezed and strained the lemons, added a little water, put it on my hair, and sat out in the sun reading. You are supposed to shower after but it made my hair look so beachy-wavy-crunchy-awesome that I just left it in and embraced my inner beach chick. Rock it.

The roomie comes back tonight! I spent some of the day cleaning things up, doing dishes and stuff.

Dinner was a chill affair. Tasty carnitas and friends back from home. More reading. (I have a problem. Mostly with books and sugar.)

A bunch of us girls (and suite-ie’s crush-boy) watched Spice World. Do you even remember the Spice Girls? Remember dressing up like them at that slumber party in Jr. High? Now we will blast 90’s music for the next week….

So tired….need to catch up on sleeeeeeeping!


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