Field trip!


6:30AM came way to early today. Way. To. Early. But duty calls. Run around packing lunch and supplies. Meet up at the loading docks (super sketch btw) and we’re off!

Long windy mountain roads drive. Queasiness all around : / Finally we’re here! Let’s hike!

We hiked all over, meeting new plants and exploring. Here is one of the pretty wildflowers we saw in the meadow (that I forgot to take a picture of)

But I didn’t get to have this one for keying and mounting. I did get fairy lantern (remember it from our pretty wildflower book?), a pretty shrub with buttercup-esque flowers, a teeny yellow clover, a cool coiled orange flower, and three other plants that aren’t as exciting.  I am so excited! The plants I collected will be mounted and added to the UCD Herbarium! You will be able to come and see them in a hundred years (and earlier too of course, but they will be in there forever! with my name on them!) Me = pretty jazzed

We hiked back to the van with that lovely view. Quick ice cream stop in a teeny town called Pope Valley. I got a cool mint ice cream sandwich on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate. So tasty! I met a cute little boy named August with twin younger brothers in little blue and white striped shirts out with their dad. Little boys are the sweetest : ) We almost crashed on our way home. nbd. I pressed my little plants and freedom! So tired and hungry : /

Dinner with some of 310. They invited us over for drinking/Cinco de Mayo partying. We just watched Iron Man, sipping beers and Mike’s. We all had lots of fun hanging out, talking, taking tequila shots, checking out films. It was all well and good until the guy one of the suite-ies has a crush on put his arm around me. Oi. Why does this always happen?! She flipped and left. Oi. I got him to text her to come back and she did. Crisis averted? We stayed til 3AM-ish when things started winding down. Sleep!!


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