Spring Fair!


Lovely morning. Long brunch and reading in the sun. Just biding my time until this:

I had a bit of time before it started to catch up on a few TV shows.

It is hot!  I walked around the gardens checking out the lettuce, fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, pomegranate, fig), kiwi (!) and grape vines, herbs, and flowers.

Then I walked to the main area of the Spring Fair to meet up with some friends. There were info tables, live music, face painting, ‘Farm Olymipcs,’ and tasty food. We ate wild rice with vegetables, garlic toast with sundried tomato spread, and solar-baked cinnamon chocolate chip cookies, keyed soil types, saw an awesome art-info show that I wanted to keep the posers from, and visited the chickens!

At the Student Farm they have a cat named Compost, but she wasn’t around today. We hung around visiting and checking things out til it ended around 5PM. Then we went our separate ways for dinner.

I decided to switch things up and watch Once Upon A Time when it was actually on TV instead of waiting to watch on hulu. There are only two episodes left! Ah! I am so excited : )

The guys of 310 stopped by and we all went to the hot tub to study and hang out. We’ve all got midterms this week, ew.

I finished my book and we returned upstairs to get ready for another week. Only like 5 weeks left! I love summer : )


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