Do you think I party too much?


Interesting start to the day. (I just realized how much I don’t tell you…wow)

Glorious shower before a lovely brunch with two of my favourite guys in our group. We chatted about the craziness of last night, how hungover everyone else is, and the state of the room. Popcorn and bottle caps strewn about. In beds, in shoes. A random, unpaired shoe. Bananas on the desk.

I decided that the time was right for baking cupcakes! Going with the classic combination of yellow with chocolate frosting was a big hit with everyone. I also got on a nice walk to the grocery store for frosting while the cupcakes cooled. Lovely day for a walk in the sun.

I finished Lady Almina while waiting for 8:30PM to come around. I got a frat party invite for the night. It was supposed to be a berout competition but ended up just being beer pong. I helped my partner, ‘the cute guy,’ lose every game. We lost by one cup, five cups, four cups…then decided we were starving and went to Ohana’s Hawaiian Barbecue for second dinner. So tasty! We went home after that, tired of the party and ‘the cute guy’ was still recovering from Thursday night…so he went to bed.

I went down the hall with a suitemate to chill/drink/party with 3rd-floor-mates until going down the road to an apartment party. There were shots of Jim Bean, ‘beer bong’ with orange juice and pre-mixed margaritas, and Shock Top. We met some cool new people. The plan changed and they wanted to go out to bars but I don’t have money for that kind of thing. I waved them off and headed to 313.

We hung out, looking up YouTube videos and chatting til past 3:30AM. Fun times. Then I headed to our neighbor’s place. They are always doing something exciting on weekend nights. I caught the tail end of their King’s Cup game. Played a bit of soccer in the hall with one of the guys and watched The Pianist while they kept drinking beers. I decided that I might want to do something productive tomorrow and left before the end of the film. The roomie was of course in the shower so I am going straight to bed and sleeping!



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