Actual Friday


Why do libraries never open earlier than 10AM? Well I guess it gave me time to have a leisurely morning and oatmeal for breakfast. I had to go return a bunch of books on bats and migration and pick up some classical/piano music and showtunes. Also ended up getting some Alabama and Stephen King books.

Just enough time for lunch before Iron Lady with my sorority friend and chillin’ with the guys after.

We tried some of this before the soccer games. Tasty but doesn’t taste like cotton candy.

First floor game: the other team didn’t show = another forfeit and win for us. Third floor game: a few jerk dirty players but we still won 4-2. We officially rock. We messed around and ‘played’ soccer til the field lights turned off.

Walked and rode back to our building before walking to get fro yo and then beer from AM/PM. Chillin’ and drinking downstairs, joined by our frat and sorority buds coming back from a social. Turned up the music, singing. Country, ♥ pop, dance. Fun : ) We stayed up way too late, being way too loud. Friday nights rock!


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