It’s like Friday!


I slept through my alarm again! : / oi. I also spent the whole day thinking it was the 27th…it is written on ALL my notes and on my lab plants. Oi again. Just enough time to grab an egg and pack a lunch. I finally used my cool box for lunch!

Mine is green like this, but I don't have little silverware for it yet. And I lost my little pink lunch bag that goes with it : ( Maybe it is at my other home...

I packed strawberries and grapes in the bottom and cheese and pita in the top with an apple and a banana on the side and a bit of leftover soft pretzel. Great lunch for a long school day.

I studied during half my first class and tried not to fall asleep for the second half. Studied more between classes. Paid attention and took notes in Propagation, I really like that class. I like every class I take with that prof. Then…

Midterm! Yikes. He hands out the test and *woosh* there goes all the information. It sucks. At least it is only 10% of my grade and I don’t think I failed it…. Blech. I’m just glad it is over.

I wore my denim jacket again today (actually I think I wore the same thing as yesterday...but I won't tell if you won't) and this is my most favorite pin!

In PLS 119 lab I propagated Lemon Balm seven ways, Mock Sweet Orange two ways, and orange and rose in hydroponics. Awesome. I can’t wait til the end of the quarter when I get to take them home! Today I got to take home my little variegated spider plant, the flowers from my rose and orange, extra leaves from the Lemon Balm for tea, and some deep purple sweet peas.

I stopped by Segundo on my way home and cashed in on a survey I did for the school. I got $25 in Aggie Cash. That is money I can spend on campus and in some restaurants in town. Awesome.

Dinner was a bit of a let down. We were all SUPER EXCITED for popcorn chicken! They didn’t have it. Major bummer. But I did have a tasty spicy pork quesadilla and got some studying done. I stayed later than I thought, past 7PM.

My friends had a softball game tonight so I went to watch them. They won by a landslide! It was a great exciting game! We played light-up frisbee after when they turned off the field lights. It was lots of fun and my aim is much improved since I last played when I was little. (Only one throw didn’t go where I wanted it.)

I watched Roman Holiday and The Graduate. I love Roman Holiday! The Graduate was interesting… I did like the music (except that they played Scarborough Fair like 4 times) and the style and now I really want to go on a road trip!

Big plans for tomorrow! (library, CVS, skype) Time for sleeping : )


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