I woke up before my alarm. I had an egg and oatmeal for breakfast.

I felt like a rockstar, wore skinny jeans, rainbow flats, a zipper sweater under my denim jacket decorated with awesome pins. We had a special speaker and played with M&Ms in PLB 119. Glorious day. I am on top of the world.

I had lunch with a cute blond rugby player and a crazy Nin. I got to play with plants in PLB 119 lab. I got a guy’s e-mail, he wants to study over the weekend. I don’t know about that…he is so slow with all things plants. I would have said yes in a heartbeat to Reed if he had asked instead.

I got to read my pleasure book before cracking down on studying for tomorrows midterm. And now I want to make NAZAC biscuits.

I stole one of these from the greenhouse on the roof to wear in my hair

I thought about my Giant’s fan friend. He’s cool.

I had dinner with the boys, which is nice. And studied a little in the DC with tea.

My ex facebooked me while I was studying later. Threw me for a loop. I haven’t thought about him in ages, especially since last weekend. I should have just not responded. I should have just been studying, not keeping half an eye on fb. Arg. I just don’t know. I am having such a great time up here, sans drama (mostly). After that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Blech. The girls hanging out here complaining about exes (one just broke up) and things made me more anxious.

Carnivorous plants kinda rock hard core

I moved downstairs with some of the guys. It helped, they are chill and not like girls, it is refreshing. I got to talk to my downstairs friend about most of it which helped and finally got some actual studying done. I am so not ready for this midterm. At least there is some lovely rain and a chance of thunder and lightning.

I am so ready for sleep. I am so ready to wake up tomorrow and be happy again.

(Sorry, I had this awesome long blog planned and *woosh* there it goes…)


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