This doesn’t count as hooky…


So I thought I woke up on time this morning… Until I rolled over and discovered it was after 8AM. Eeek! Run!

I only had time for a cold egg before running out the door to print out all my class notes only to find out that my card is not working. Again. I had to wait for someone else to let me in the building and print center. Oi. Lovely start to the day.

In ENH 160 my pen exploded on me. I missed a few lecture slides while trying to get the ink off in the bathroom. At least it was only on my hands…I think (my pants were black so I couldn’t tell). Another boring lecture on the whole, at least I got my paper turned in on time. Hope the grade is good.

Bare Necessities from The Jungle book came on while I was riding. I couldn’t help but sing along and grin like crazy. It reminded me of the weekend in Rohnert Park and my new Giants fan friend.  : ) I should look around and see if anyone recorded them….

Pita and cheese sandwich for lunch while reading the paper. There was a great article about the closing of the State Parks. It makes me so angry that they are planning the closures. I have written to the higher ups about it and signed petitions. I would have gone to the march things in Sacramento but I had a midterm. I also had a bit of time to read my new book, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abby. I am enjoying it and can’t wait to watch the show!

More about cuttings in PLS 171. More about flowers in California in PLS 102. Lovely time spent reading and apple munching before PLS 102 lab. The lab was awful. I couldn’t concentrate on the keying exercises, lots on my mind. I went through the lab worksheets as fast as I could and left before 4PM. Almost three hours early. Blech.

Tonight was Harry Potter at the DC!! It was crazy decorated, the movie music was playing over the speakers, and the workers were wearing black choir robes. The food was normal tasty but with ‘Harry-Potter-ized’ names. It was pretty fun : ) Everyone is going to be singing the theme music FOREVER.

There was supposed to be a 3rd floor social tonight. We would plant plants and eat food in honor of Earth Day. There was a misunderstanding with some people and it got canceled. Kinda. It turned into me hanging with the RAs, eating food, and watching Glee and New Girl while studying. Not the same, but still fun. I’m still super bummed about no planting, but I am sure there will be much planting in my next two labs. Speaking of…the Rec Pool is open!! I may bring my suit and swim after lab on Thursday : )

I really need to study for my PLS 102 Thrusday midterm! Tomorrow… Now sleep : ) Peace.


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