Ach. Mondays.


Totally not ready for another week to start. I LOVE weekends so much! I would much rather party then go to class… Especially when the weather is AMAZING!

It was over 60 by 10AM. Lovely. I wore flip-flops. PLB 119 was same-old, same-old kinda boring. The prof gave us the prompt for the final paper. Joy rapture. It is due in June, 7 to 12 pages, and a third of our grade. I need to find a cool weed to write about!

No! Not that kind of weed silly…

Maybe one like that….

Or this…

We’ll see, I have got ages to pick one out.

Chill lunch with ‘the cute guy’ and his suite’s ‘pet Asian’ there was some tasty pasta and lemon chicken risotto. Then I put off my bat paper a bit more and watched Once Upon A Time. I still really like that show : )

ENH 160 lab was a bit rough today. Our group was short a member and we three remaining seem to have developed a GPS block. Every time we go to use one, something goes wrong and we have to get the TA, Ben, to fix it. Oi. So our group spent the day trekking through thistle forests and Tree-of-Heaven thickets counting and measuring trees and things.

Dinner was delicious and much enjoyed. I had lamb with artichoke and garlic couscous. There were whole cloves of roasted garlic scattered in the couscous! Heaven on a biscuit. (as it were…) And cream cheese toast with home-made strawberry jam for dessert. And a sun shower!

It was lovely and glorious. I wanted to dance and skip around. I kind of did.

Then it was really time to get cracking on the bat paper. I did the title page and sources page before Bones and House. Then I walked to Hawaiian BBQ with my House-watching-buddy. (Aren’t I so good at procrastinating?) Now the paper is done and turned in and I am so sore and ready for bed.

Here’s to another beautiful day tomorrow!


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