Sunny day!


The weather was lovely today! Sunny and warm (up to the mid-70s!) with a light breeze. Wonderful : )

PLB 119 was great. The prof went over everything they covered on Monday when I missed class. Such luck!

Chill study/lunch with some of the guys. They ditched class to have lunch and watch the Chelsea/Barcelona game. Silly boys, but what can you do?

My Sonoma friends that I visited over the weekend went to the Giants game today. They won! Everyone is super jazzed, I am glad they all had a great time : )

Planted more millet, sunflowers, and radishes in PLB 119 lab. We also visited the herbarium and did some thinning on our experiments. Speaking of experiments, we used this cool machine that measures leaf area. You pull off all the (cleaned) leaves and quickly put them on a roller thing that looks like a lamination machine, they get pulled through and the blocked light area is calculated and displayed. Awesome. And we keyed more plants.

I went to the bookstore and finally got my Jepson Manual. It is so HUGE! And I bought cool whiteout because mine got lost. I also stopped by my home-building (Plant and Environmental Science) to pick up a shirt for helping out with Picnic Day on Saturday. They only had larges left, so it looks like I will be crafty before wearing it… (feel free to send t-shirt craftiness links/photos)

Finally! Most of our group got to eat dinner together tonight, it was loads of fun : ) Tasty too.

Skyping with the fam and catching up on tv shows rounded out the night. I did not have the patience to read another 24 page article/case study.

Why am I always starving after showering now?? It is annoying. And bad. I feel like stuffing myself with sugar and chips. And really buttery salty popcorn….drool… I only ate some crackers with chocolate peanut butter, some chocolate chips, and some frosting. Now I feel gross. I should have eaten an egg. Or just brushed my teeth and putting in my retainers to keep myself from eating. Oi.

Good night, better luck tomorrow : / (It is like Friday tomorrow!!)


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