*sniffle* *cough* *cough*


I woke up this morning feeling much better than last night. Tasty egg for breakfast and lots of printing before class.

ENH 160 was so boring! I did sudoku and tried really really hard not to fall asleep. I was generally successful…but the worsening sniffles didn’t help.

I survived PLS 171 and PLS 102 while nibbling a banana and leftover pineapple-olive pizza from the weekend. Then I had a quiz in my horrendously long PLS 102 lab. It did not go as well as all-fingers-crossed-hoped, but I am a master key-er. Too bad we will be doing less of that and it was only worth less than half : /

This is a relative of Miner's Lettuce

We played with plants after and I left an hour and a half early. That lab is a complete joke.

I sat and studied through three dinner group changes. That is tasty dedication right there. To celebrate being constructive I posted pictures on Facebook until Glee and New Girl. Dude, I really need to watch Saturday Night Fever someday. I also watched part of an old political movie, All The President’s Men, and decided that Giant’s fan looks just like Dustin Hoffman (but with a smaller nose). Cool.

Picnic Day is almost here! And on that note, I should go to sleep so I can not be sniffly then. ‘Night!


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