I kinda love NorCal


The rest of Saturday

I had a lovely walk to the station where the train was 20 minutes late. Extra time for reading BHG and listening to music in the sun.

I am a little confused that it is in this style... Nothing else in Davis looks like this
(except maybe the 'Mexican' restaurants)

On the way I passed many beautiful vineyards and many cute fluffy lambs on rolling green hills. After I got picked up from Safeway by my baker friend (Rohnert Park has no train/bus station so I got dropped off at a random bus stop in town) we rushed home to make peanut butter cookies and ‘almond joy’ cupcakes! (Coconut cupcake with coconut frosting encrusted with chopped slivered almonds with a chocolate drizzle on top) And off to clarinet friend’s Senior Recital. He played some beautiful pieces and I especially enjoyed the singing ones with a beautiful soprano friend. After snacks and goodies with family and friends a bunch of us headed over to Ausiello’s for drinks. I had a Stella in a chalice, pretty shweet : ) Then some of us younger folks went to one of the guys house to party and listen to awesome record. Much fun was had by most. (like the ones who can hold their liquor…) I met a guy who loves trains and wanted to be a conductor but he’s colour-blind so he teaches middle school band. And another awesome guy who loves the Giants, is a countertenor, and only owns awesome socks. We had a lot of fun, it was a great night : )


Baker friend, Giant’s fan, and I met up for lunch before a soprano friend’s Senior Recital. She was a beautiful singer, I enjoyed her French and German pieces. Home for dishes and chilling with singer friends for a bit.

Then the Amtrak Return Trip Saga. I could find no way home on Sunday with Amtrak or Greyhound. There are trains for Monday! But even if I lef ton the fist one at 6AM I would miss my first class. 8:40AM will work. No it won’t, the website won’t let me buy it. They have no buy-and-print option. And no station in town, the closest station is an hour away. Multiple phone class to Amtrak. Finally I get through! After much deliberation I have a ticket and a way home. Crisis averted.

The Giant’s fan rejoined we two bakers and we adventured to Trader Joe’s and Target before making pizzas together (he can throw pizzas!), watching War of the Worlds, and drinking Babble (a newer wine from Trader’s that Alice in Wonderland fans would appreciate).

Packing and sleep.


We woke up early to have breakfast before dropping me off at the bus stop. One little problem though; there are stops on both sides of the street. Which is mine? I scope out a nearby Starbucks and see some ladies with baggage. They set me straight, it is not the stop I was planning on waiting by. Lucky I asked.

Beautiful ride home. Everything is lovely and green and spring-ish! I think I only fell asleep 4 times… The bus got to the station early so I hoped on the early train as well. (I was a little bummed to not stick around in Martinez because it has such a cute little historic downtown, but I thought it better to get home sooner.)

I had a nice long walk from the station and got back just in time for lunch. Yum.

Sometimes outside labs are just better. (Even if there are more spiders)

A little time for unpacking then ENH 160 lab. Long bike ride in the wind. My lab group is doing Animals and Habitat research in the riparian area. We planned out our methods and everything. The two other girls in my group are also in my major! Awesome :) We are so few and far between.

Research on bats finished and turned in. I finally finished my readings for last week after dinner while watching Bones and House with ‘the cute guy’ who brought us fresh chocolate cookies. He was up to his eyeballs in computer programming stuff. Eew.

Now I am super tired for not sleeping all weekend and will put off my printing until tomorrow.

Sleep and be gone stuffiness and runny nose!


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