What a lovely Friday!

I slept in and the roomie missed her ride to class (she has been getting rides in a golf cart from the Mobility Center because of her knee). We went to an early lunch together. It felt like the weekend, sunny. After lunch we (along with another suitemate) tried on all the dresses we have between us. The suite-y and I needed dresses for Greek events and the roomie just wanted to dress up with us. We had a mini fashion show : ) We all put on sundresses and walked to Trader Joe’s for sorority snacks. We only get a few weird looks….(it is not quite warm enough for sundresses yet).

Enough is enough! Time for dishes…

And making cookies! I made oatmeal cookies again, so tasty! (How am I still single with skills like this!? ;) haha)

We watched some Gypsy show on TLC and some Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids. Wow, those people are all crazy!

The frat thing I was going to didn’t start til around 10 so I had ages to get ready. I wore a little black dress that belongs to my roomie. (Funny story: This dress is seriously magical, three of us of different sizes (tiny short, tall athletic, me) have worn this dress and we all look great in it! Sisterhood of the LBD.) Little apple-cinnamon moonshine to get the party started and ‘the cute guy’ is finally ready to go. He wore a button-up shirt and tie under a v-neck sweater and cords. We had lots of fun at the party, it was two of the brothers birthdays. The other pledge there was passed out drunk long before we left, poor guy. We stayed til 2:30AM and the party winded down.

Sleep will be good tonight, we are so tired.


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