Where is the thunder?


I totally overslept this morning. Til almost 8. All I got for breakfast was an egg.

In my ENH 160 class this silly wannabe cool chick in her man sweater, moccasins, and knitted man socks said we really need to close all the National Parks to people so the mountain lions could take it back and eat the deer to prevent erosion. I almost threw my pen at her. Psh, some people…

Banana for first lunch while reading the new Better Homes and Gardens. I love that magazine, so crafty, colourful, and tasty filled.

Apple for second lunch during my second to last class of the week! In PLS 171 lab we planted lily scales and got out SUPER (3 hrs) early because our daffodils got lost in the mail. I spent my extra time helping a suitemate decorate a shirt for Relay For Life on Saturday. I also was asked to be someones date to their frat ‘pinning’ I need to find a cocktail dress by tomorrow night. I also need to find a way to get to Santa Rosa by Saturday noon with practically no money because I had to buy a book for school. (In the bookstore it cost $125, they were sold out, and I was given $120 to make this happen. I love not getting paid for my work…) And gave myself a white-out manicure.

Dinner was DeLicious. Smokey Chipotle Chicken Pasta with Gouda. I added broccoli and roasted butternut squash. Amazing. And there was Hawaiian pizza. I did some studying there and read a bunch of my new book, A Meal Observed. Also very tasty. I caught the end of the Sharks game before watching Knocked Up. Interesting movie. Then I helped my bio friend with his physics homework. It involved lots of ice and salt…and tropical jelly beans. haha It was supposed to rain with thunder today but it was lovely sunny with HUGE clouds and didn’t start pouring til almost 11PM. I am still listening for thunder…was that it?! Anywho…

Time for bed. Some people have class tomorrow, but not me!


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