It took me the longest time to figure that out. Humpday? Ah, that slack-Wednesday-fell that the week has been so long and has so long still to go. I don’t feel like that. It is more like I have a camel week.

I forgot how strange looking camels are...

With two humps! Get it? My humps (I kinda hate that song, just so you know) are the long days of Tuesday and Thursday. teehee….

Anywho… My weed class was ok today. I don’t remember what we talked about but it didn’t d.r.a.g. on forever like usual, so it must have been good : )

Lunch was pretty short alone. I got called out cause one of the guy needed to borrow our ironing stuff for a job interview. (Good luck!) But I still got in some reading before lab. We planted more things and ‘learned’ how to key plants. Joy rapture. I did make another friend though (too bad they are all seniors). He wants to get together and talk about the note because he can’t understand the prof’s German accent (weak man). I think the accent is cool. The socks with sandals, not so much. And I am not on speaking terms with the TA (last lab I am convinced she was shooting me death glares) and she has agreed to let me borrow a Jepson from the lab for a quiz next week. Sweet!

Dinner was interesting. I ate with 314 and friends, had tea with bio friends, and did homework with a table of guy friends on one side and a table of roomies on the other. Then I finished my book!

I really enjoyed this book. I actually laughed out loud so many times (even in class). Now I will read books on food and my new Better Homes and Gardens magazine!

I am excited to start that now, sleep, and put off some writing til Friday. Peace out!


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