Sunny Monday


Easter is not a day for dish washing so there was no oatmeal for breakfast. A coloured egg, tea, and a long banana will have to do.

It was so hard to stay awake in my weeds class…zzzzzzzz

Lunch was a crazy affair. I started out alone studying and was soon joined by a friend of a friend. Then one of the ‘lunch ladies’. Then by the friend. Then by their friends. And finally by my old bio buddy I’d been expecting. Needless to say the conversation was quite varied and interesting.

I got to ENH 106 lab early and read my new book (TRUCK a love story) here.

The TA talked to the class for a bit, went over the syllabus, and then we rode (or drove if you had a car) two miles down Old Davis Rd to our lab-site. I passes these lovely horses : )

We explored all over around the creek. I got completely wrapped in spiderwebs. They were covering everything! I saw lots of cool plants, bugs, and animals. We tramped through the fields and over trees and levees. I have no idea how this lab is going to go this quarter. (I did find out that for the lecture part I am writing my term paper on the Western red bat! Yay!)

I brought this home with me! (And only stabbed myself like twice.)

Dinner was ok. The really good part was my book. I love it! The author is so funny, I would like to quote most of the book to you! I can’t wait to read more of it! But I really had to read for ENH after dinner, maybe I’ll have time tomorrow…

Watched Bones while studying with tea. Then my roomie came stumbling into the living room on two of our guy friends. She twisted her knee while playing racquetball and may have torn something. Ouch! She’s going into Urgent Care tomorrow to get it checked out.

Now I am super tired and the bed looks so inviting and Anette beckons… ; ) Sleep is calling.


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