Happy Easter!


This is my first holiday away from the family. It was very different.

I started the morning with laundry. Sounds straightforward right? Wrong. Oi. I dragged all my clothes down to the laundry room. That was pretty hard, I was so stiff and sore from yesterday! I loaded everything up, got it all situated, and put in my card. LOW BALANCE rotated through the lightboard and 0.75 flashed on. Darn. Out of funds, I thought I had at least $2… I ran up the stairs to see if the roomie would lend me her card, I had a dollar to give her and I have lent her my card so many times (she is forever losing it). Too late, she had left for lunch. I ran into a suite-y and her boyfriend. She only had 50¢ on hers, sorry. He said sure! you can borrow my card. I gave him my dollar and flew down the stairs. I put in his card and the same thing happened! So I ran back up and told him he’s only got 75¢ on his card too. Darn. He said try his suite, someone is bound to be there. I said I’ll need my dollar back, please and thank you.

Luck! The rugby player was in and lent me his card in exchange for cookies. I sprint back to the laundry and finally get it started. You never thought it was so difficult to get a load done. Then I mailed this off.

I watched a movie about mermaids, kinda.

I skyped my mom and sis for hours. I watched her and the new hubby open wedding presents, they got some pretty awesome things : )

It is past time to try and catch up on sleep missed over the weekend… Bed!


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