Easter Eve!


The roomie was a friend visiting from down south so we took him to see the Farmer’s Market. We got cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (I still think the ones we make at home are better.) We walked the whole thing, trying all kinda of oranges, apples, and cheeses. Yum! Tasty! We rode all over campus and tried to go to the bookstore but it was still closed. So we went to one of the DCs for second breakfast where we decided to play racquetball at noon. That gave us just enough time to dash home to change, get sneakers, and ditch the bikes. We played for over an hour then the same for badminton. We girls worked on our left-handed game. We rock.

Then we walked over to the bookstore. They were out of my book. The friend got a UCD sweatshirt. Then we walked home.

I got this in the mail today from mom : )

And this is what was inside!

The big chocolate bunny is from the roomies dad but the smaller one and everything else was in the little box. And this little guy was fitted in there too.

This is funny because it is a little chick in an egg. This is awesome because the chick is sugar and the egg is glittery. Then I attempted to be crafty and dyed eggs!

Word to the wise: The PAAS tablets don’t really work without the vinegar… So I got a little creative in my decorating. Like so:

The roomie and I decided to make cookies at eleven so we could eat them at midnight when Lent ended. But we are out of butter. We decide to run to the store really quick but our neighbors called out to us as we ran down the stairs. They wanted us to be really quick and come back, they had a surprise for us. We were very confused but we shopped speedily nonetheless.

Their surprise was a party downtown and Mike’s Hard Lemonade (so tasty!). So we set off, 8 boys, 2 girls. We would be well protected. It was such a fun two mile walk to downtown with this bunch! We finally got there around 1 and the party was mostly empty. They had been busted by the cops a little earlier. We cut our losses and prepared to head home. The party throwers felt bad and offered shots of vodka as we left…how nice hahaha ; ) The walk home was even more fun, accents were much enjoyed and hilarity ensued.

When we got back home is was finally time to make cookies! We all packed up and moved downstairs to the kitchen. We made chocolate chip cookies and heart shaped sugar cookies with rainbow chip frosting. So fun and tasty! Then we moved back upstairs, eating cookies with Mike’s and beer. We started losing people to bed around this time.  It was a great hang out, taking about cars and school. A bit past 5:30 we called it a night and now glorious sleep and Easter tomorrow!



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