3-day weekend. Every weekend.


Today is Decision Day for the accepted freshmen coming here next year. Our room was selected to be toured from 10-2 so we thought it best to make ourselves scarce. The roomie had class and just stayed on campus, I spent the day at the public library.

Lovely walk to the library, all the flowers are out an blooming!

I read about shipwrecks in Alaska and the April Martha Stewart magazine. Beautiful! I want to make all these tasty things!

-Mustard greens and roasted garlic pesto with pecorino-romano cheese

-Cinnamon-honey crème brûleé

-Lemon curd sundaes with pistachios

-Golden cakes with ginger poached fruit

-Cinnamon-bun bites

-Raspberry custard tart

I only checked out three new books, two on food and one about a truck : ) And I did some studying.

Wine and Friends with friends after dinner. Momento with ‘the cute guy’, such a mind twisty film! Then I hung out with the guys and we watched Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for hours. It is so funny to watch guys watching food programs! The practically drool over the TV and moan about the delicious food they are seeing. So. Funny. Rum and cokes with The Mummy Returns rounded out the night.

Now it’s like 3:30 and I am so ready for sleep…zzzzz


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