Hello new ‘Friday’


Don’t you know? Thursday is the new Friday! (for me this quarter anyway)

I got to my second class early today. It was freezing and breezy out so I walked straight into the classroom and sat down. I was surrounded by testing Asians. Then they started speaking Chinese. Yikes! I sat in and tried to act chill until the students tried to pass me the roll sheet. Then the prof started going around the class asking questions and taking answers, in Chinese. I threw all caution to the wind and practically ran out of the room, leaving my things on the desk. I shivered on an outside bench reading about Alaska til that class finally ended. Whew, close call.

PLS 102 is SO boring and it will be hard to stay in (mentally) through the whole quarter. But the excitement of PLS 171 totally makes up for it!

I had the lab for it today. It is far(ish) away past the Stadium. It took me 20 minutes to ride over/find the room and building. We had an hour long safety lecture then we got to propagating! Today we planted cuttings of Snake Plant, Jade Plant, and English Ivy. I got these freesias from the parking lot of the Center.

Dinner was delicious and was followed by studying.

There was a beach-themed party at the frat next door. You had to have a wrist-band to get in. I have connections. So ‘the cute guy’ and I went . He already knows the whole frat and we made friends with all sorts of cool people. There was dancing downstairs and beer pong on the ground floor. I played my first game. I am not bad at it! Made my first two shots perfectly and we only lost by one cup (to a team that has never lost!). We went downstairs for some dancing until the party ended and we were kicked out around 12:30. We said goodnight and I went to hangout in the boy’s suite.

Some girls from 2nd floor came by and some of us went and played spoons (and shots) with them til past 2:30. I got a spoon every time and got the four-of-a-kind three times : )

What a night of great game-playing and beginning the weekend!


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