Sun + Dirt = ?


Sunshine! The rain was only for the night.

My little plants died. I am sad about them. But I will get to plant more things during the quarter.

PLB 119 was about duckweeds and deriving equations for exponential growth. Oh yay…

I visited the library, explored the second floor, and got a book about the sinking of the Clara Nevada during the Klondike goldrush. Pretty thrilling stuff. I also tried looking up books about the Channel Islands but didn’t have much luck for the things I wanted.

In the lab for PLB 119 we planted radishes, Japanese millet, and sunflowers. I spent most of the time with a 2nd year named Ross moving the plantings into the third-floor greenhouse. It was very warm in there and he is an Environmental Science and Management. He might work for the Park Service after grad school.

I got locked out of my suite and room again so I studied with the guys till dinner. Delicious carnitas arepas! I had a banana and cocoa with cinnamon for dessert : )

More studying after dinner and missed out on hot-tubing with some friends. I am sure it will happen again soon though, like on the weekend.

After I finished all my reading for yesterday and tomorrow, I had a mini-marathon of SMASH. I really strongly despise the assistant.

Tomorrow is my Friday!! Downside: I have class from 9AM to 5PM. (haha) And my actual Friday will be busy, returning books to all the libraries, change my sheets, laundry, and I am sure there will be studying to do. But that is not for days…

Sweet dreams? Make a wish


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