It’s not Tuesday, it’s Longday


Have you ever made oatmeal from regular rolled oats in the microwave?

Me neither. But it is amazing what a heaping spoon of brown sugar can do for soupy oats. Yum :)

I decided to print out things before class this morning. I grabbed my schedule and walked out of the building, halfway across the street I realized I didn’t have my ID card…which meant I couldn’t get into the print center or back in my building to get the ID. Lovely.

Luck was with me! A guy let me in right before I started really freaking out. Crisis averted.

Our room smells lovely from these flowers I picked on a walk

New classes! I am not really looking forward to the lecture part of ENH 160 (Restoration Ecology, ew and at 9AM) but the lab should be fun. ‘Lunch’ was a half-smashed banana and an almost stale 1/2 a chocolate croissant eaten outside the wrong building for my next class. Oops. I realized in time and scooted straight to the Physics Building for PLS 171 (Plant Propagation, SUPER excited for this class! and I like the prof). It is going to rock hard-core. I will be planting and grafting roses, cucumbers, and tomatoes among other things : ) Then the lecture for PLS 102 (California Floristics) it seems chill, another quarter of botany repeated. But my break after was great! (Short, but great.) I got these tasty chips and made friends with the cute guy at the counter, we talked about classes and the quarter.

The lab right after was better and worse. Better because we ‘learned’ about types of fruit, flower, and vegetative structures. We got to eat oranges, strawberries, blackberries, apples, and bananas after we ‘dissected’ them! It was worse because I already knew everything and it was two and a half hours long (that is with us getting out two hours early! The lab is usually over four and a half hours long.)

I got to eat dinner with some suite-ies. It was fun and tasty.

Then I got down to studying. It is only the second day and already so much to be doing and reading! I finished in time to watch New Girl alone with my tea, then a few episodes of Chopped. I really think they should make the judges do the challenges. They are so harsh and I am sure they could not do as well all the time.

I am looking for something cute to make for Easter here…away from home and cousins and family. Well I guess I am with my new school family : ) I think my sis should stop by on her way home from her honeymoon and do fun things in Davis! But she probably just wants to get home to unpack at their little house and get settled in. So happy for them!

It started raining. I knew the weather would not stay as nice as they were forecasting for. But I have a new LONG red trenchcoat to try out.

Sleep and peace 


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